Clear the Clutter, Find the Profit!

Look at the difference in this kitchen, once it was was cleared of the clutter and painted....

Look at the difference in this kitchen, once it was was cleared of the clutter and painted....

 De-cluttering is possibly one of the biggest challenges we have to face in our own homes, and those of our clients BUT, if we want change, and, there's only one way- and that's to start!

Whether you are selling or, de-cluttering to improve your home, (or a clients) here's my secret that I've been using for years to create a stress-free, uncluttered home.

Now, I'm going to assume that its your house that needs change. It might be that of a client and either way, this article will help you create the first steps to a productive clean-up, that produces results.

I have a process that I've used for a long time. It's one I share with my clients and now I'm sharing it with you. Grab a pen and a coffee, have a seat.

Ready? Let's go!

1. Make the decision that you want to make the changes you need too, to create an amazing result.

Don't be fooled into thinking this isn't important, this is step 1.

'Without a decision, nothing changes'

2. How do you get motivated to make change?

The best way is to decide on your outcome. That's right, go into the future, and start seeing your home how you'd like it to look. Take the time to do this.

'Remember, nothing changes until you do'

3. Enlist help. Get the whole family involved. This will lighten the load tremendously.

'Many hands make light work'

4. Get each family member to take responsibility of their 'stuff'

Even if you have younger children, the sooner you teach them responsibility, the easier life is for you all. Buy some containers and help them create a space that's fun and practical.

5. One room at a time! If you jump from room to room, you'll quickly find yourself unmotivated very fast!!

'Trust your actions, not your words'

6. Set a plan and a timeline to finish your de-cluttering. Even if you have to push yourself, do it!!

'Everything shifts, when you do'

I hope this has helped, at least a little. I know this can be tough- it's no accident that things are the way they are.

Transforming your life, (or your clients)  often requires help, and if its help you need, ASK. 

What is it you need to learn to create more money in your home or business?

And... let me leave you with this:

What cost is it to you, to stay where you don't want to be? (This is something you can use to ask your clients the same question)

Cathy Morrissey

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