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"Add Value not Emotion, and your Renovation will be filled with Profit" Cathy Morrissey

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The Renovation College has been developed by Cathy based on her own experience in renovating houses. In January 2015, she made a substantial profit in her own home after doing this for man others, she knew it was time to put this experience down and start teaching others. Whilst creating another property renovation later in 2015 in Penrith, she masterminded her first course, which has resulted in her students creating equity and finding the right properties to renovate.

This 5 Rules of Renovation Course is designed to give you the results you want. Investor or Home Owner you can take this knowledge and put it to the test. If you do the work,  your success is guaranteed.

When you decide to join the Renovation College, you will get an entire field-tested system and blueprint for taking your cosmetic renovation to the next level. Once you have this knowledge, you can repeat the process over and over again. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve tried renovating for financial gain before, you’re going to discover strategies and tips here designed to show you exactly how profitable cosmetic renovations can be. Find out how you can join The Renovation College and create the renovation you've been wanting to make and create the gain you've been waiting for.

CREATE YOUR FIRST or fifth RENOVATION IN my BRAND NEW 2016 online PROGRAM for men and women that want to create income and impact.

                                 <<<< The Renovation College is coming soon >>>>

                                 <<<< The Renovation College is coming soon >>>>

The Renovation College's 5 Rules of Renovation Course is an 'elite' and intense program that has 6 weeks of content delivered to you online. You will also get 6 months of email support so even when the course is finished, you can still connect and get personalized help and support to grow your property investment career even further.
The program is jam packed with full of content.
Cathy wants every single one of you to succeed so she has included a 'Freedom Plan' for you to complete to ensure your success. 
The program includes 'Renovation Blueprints, Styling Blueprints, Project Management schedules, a Marketing plan and even includes a guideline to creating the perfect ad so your property sells for more than you ever anticipated! 
How do you pick the right agent?
How do you determine who will buy your property?
How do you work out the numbers so you too can succeed?
The answers are all wrapped up for you in this course which the author (Cathy) has over 30 years in the property market!
Cathy's been renovating houses since 1996, and has made lucrative renovations, that are repeatable and she has quickly become known as an expert in the renovation teaching field.


Ohh there's bonuses!! But.... they are only available on the Clarity Call.

Soo many more than you could imagine. Real help support and advice is here.

ONE 20 minute call to find out if this is right for you will show you Cathy's generosity, spirit and absolute passion to see you succeed will help you decide if this is the right information for you.

Mastery comes from being a student first.  This is Your Path to Success.

Cathy's generosity is well known with her students. She ALWAYS over delivers and wants you to succeed. There is no other course that will support your personal development AND teach you a new skill set that if you follow the information you've learnt, you WILL make more money on your property than you have ever done before! Book a Clarity Call.

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The Renovation Business Academy

If you want to make a career out of Renovating and learn the skills you need to create a profitable business, the best way to achieve your goals is to work 1-1 with someone that has a proven track record.

Your mentor can show you 'what you don't know' and stretch your thinking with practical knowledge, and go a step further:

Teach you the benefits of setting up your property business the right way with a team that's on your side. This is really is for EVERYONE that wants to create a lifestyle business and, struggling Interior Designers, Stylists and other property professionals can learn how to create a sustainable business from this Private Mentoring, the most. You CAN build a property business and create the income you desire. Decide that your dreams mean more than your fears.

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