Renovation Business Private Coaching

Are you looking for Real renovation & Business mentoring in the 'creative property' Industry?


Hi, its Cathy Morrissey here.

Have you got some qualifications, (or would like to learn how to Profit, from Renovating Houses ) but you have no idea how to create a proper business with your knowledge?

Are you wondering how to create the money in your property, (or property business) but you have no idea where to start?

Then you’re in the right place. 

The Renovation/Interior Design world, has become very confusing, especially if your new or feel you don't have the knowledge or business education you need to create a sustainable and profitable business.

Are you already in the property or online space, (or would like too be there) have you renovated a home already (or would like to learn how) perhaps your an Interior Designer or a Property Stylist that is either new or has been in business for a few years, and you just haven't made it, yet.

In fact the truth is you've put on a bright smiley face on, but your not making the money you deserve. How is it that some women are making six figures?

But you haven't, and you know there's something you've missed. (Or haven't learnt yet)

There is a lot of noise in this industry. With all of the renovating shows and regular TV shows it seems like everyone is an expert and it's not limited to the renovation/interior design or property styling industry.

It seems to me that busting your a#se trying to get clients for a couple of hundred bucks is waay too tough, and I know there's any easier way!

You started your property business (or would like to start one) truly believing this was your mission in life.

You are now obsessed with renovating, designing, styling(or you'd like to be!) and you can not figure out why your falling flat on your face.

Or, perhaps you know, you need to learn how to strategize and coach and mentor your clients to their best results?

And... everyone is calling themselves an expert. Everyone’s a consultant. Everyone’s a renovation guru.

There is sooo much out there that really anyone can create a fancy web page and Instagram account and be up in hours, with little to no investment in themselves or in their business.

That is NOT you. You genuinely want to create a business built on longevity and customers that come back time and time again.

 or.... are you still trying to 'DIY' everything in your property business?

It's time to stop that! And create the renovation/interior design or property styling business AND the impact you want to create in the world.

I know your frustrated. Because you know you are good (or would be, if you knew where to start!) at your renovation business career.

You might have been around for a while now, maybe you've been watching and trying to figure out if you can do this too.

One thing I'm sure of....You've worked so hard to get where you are, right? 

You're likely looking for a new direction or career that will create the income you deserve

And, I bet somewhere, somehow, along the way, you’ve actually become a leader. (Or would like to become one)

For some of you, this will be new and a little scary.

Maybe you've taken a course or two, or maybe you know you will need to educate yourself but your willing to do whatever it takes.

For those of you who have a business maybe the rewards have started ..

People have began to hire and pay you. They listen and ask you for advice. 

I remember, all I've ever wanted was Freedom.  

Freedom to work when I wanted and where I wanted. 

Well, I know when I first started, both renovating and my online business, I've often found myself paralyzed with not really knowing what the next step to take was..

And the truth is, there are a ton of courses out there and I soon got tired of trying to learn everything myself.

That's just exhausting.

And I was not embracing my full potential, and this just sucks!

Are you in the career you want, living on purpose and to your fullest potential? If your'e not, this is going to come back and bite your hard - in your hip pocket!

It's the cash your getting, (or not) that's showing you that no matter hard you work, until you work on yourself AND your business, it will keep coming up as lack. (You already know that though, right?)

its time... 

Because you know you need to get absolute clarity on your next steps? Because you know that its time to create a business that you are proud of, and a legacy to leave for your children...

And now, you want to do this in a profitable way that makes your heart sing?

It’s something we all need to do. 

So, where do you start?

If you are tired of attending seminars and trade shows, that whilst they are fun, you know you need a business strategy and a higher-level conversation to get you to where you want to be.

Do you know you don't want to try to figure this out with another course, but with an exact strategy? —you're just beyond all that at this point. Its leadership and business along with learning exactly what creates the most impact. 

You are wondering, "How can I get over feeling I'm enough, and concentrate on exactly what tasks do I have to concentrate on to build my property business?"

 I need a better crowd to hang with and serious people to get the right answers from. I need real business strategy and leadership.” 

So where DO you go when you've never done this before?

These women are just like you.....

Are you .....

    * A Women Renovator that wants to create 5-6 Figure Cosmetic Renovations

    * A Women Renovator that want to learn renovation skills to create their own Renovation or Consulting Business.

    * An Interior Designer or Property Stylist that already have credentials but are looking to expand their skills by adding in

      specific marketing and online strategies to create a business that allows them freedom to travel and work.

    * A Renovator, Designer and Property Specialist that want to add consulting and coaching to their business model.

    * A Renovator, Stylist, Designer that would like to add an online course to their business model.

    * A woman that wants to embark on a brand new career, build a business and a life around the property space.

    * A Woman that wants to learn how to Profit from Renovating Houses and then teach or consult that to others? 


I have the solution.

I've been privately working 1-1 with renovators around Australia helping them create more money. And its not just on houses.

I've been working with women entrepreneurs to create a property business they love that's financially stable.

And here's what they asked for:

1. An exact plan to create a STRATEGY for their renovations and their businesses.

2. LEADERSHIP to give them the confidence they need to become powerful leaders in their community.

3. ENTREPRENEURSHIP, something that most of them haven't experienced before. (For those that don't know how to run a business, as they have only every worked for someone else before) 

It's time to RE-FOCUS, learn the strategies & create 6 figure business

I have the time and the place.

It's completely online and you don't have to lose time in your busy schedule, I know how important it is to make the most of every minute we have.

There is a minimum of 12 weeks commitment, with the possibility of working together for a longer period.

(6- 12 months are available to the right student.) 

You will learn how to create a profitable Renovation or Property Business, while being hand held all the way with private tutoring.

This is NOT a group course or group tuition, however if you want to include 'The Renovation Academy' to gain qualifications in 'Profit from Renovating Houses' this can be arranged and included in the program.

Your private Mentor-ship is dependent on your needs and may include:

1. An understanding where you might be holding yourself back, from making the money you desire.

2. Create an exact plan that's going to 'fast track' your to success from a mentor that has over 30 years experience

in property and more than 25 years in business. 

3. Create a profitable Renovation working 1-1 with Cathy as your guide and Mentor.

4. A marketing plan that you can execute easily to create more clients for your property business.

5. Gain your confidence back, especially if you've lost money in the past and your scared to invest.

6. Join my community of Women Leaders that are making money and a difference.

7. Learn the exact strategy I use to source properties that can create at least 50k with a Cosmetic Renovation.


The Opportunity

The 1-1 12 Week Mastermind Program starts with you being fully aware that there is an investment in your education, and that you must have the funds to finance your business. 

If your'e reading this and you see it as an opportunity - find the way to make it happen, okay? 

Creating a six figure mindset is part of your training, so I don't expect you to have that just yet... 


You must have the desire to find the way to fullfill your dream.

Here's what's next...

Click on the link below and fill out the form. I'm going to send you some gifts so you can learn more about me. 

For those that fill out the Application Form; 

I'll send you a complimentary Video Series PLUS a copy of each of my two E-Books.

If I think I can help you, we will have a complimentary

20 minute Call to talk and see if this is right for you.


"Many people get excited about the hidden dollars waiting for you in a “renovators delight”. Here’s the truth, if you haven’t yet made $50,000 to $100,000 gross profit on a Renovation, you’re missing one or more of the essential elements to guarantee your success. Cathy has generated that level of success time and time again and she knows exactly how to generate the result you desire. There’s a lot more required to a profitable Reno than the painting and grit work in the middle. IT’s not about perfection. There’s some key fundamentals you must apply at the ‘front and back end’ of your renovation business to guarantee your success. Once you learn Cathy’s key elements, you’ll feel empowered that you have the knowledge to guarantee your success" Rachel Johnson.

Get the Strategy, plus the Leadership and the Knowledge you need,

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