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"5 Steps to Creating Financial Freedom through your Renovation, Interior Design or Property Styling Business"


Cathy Morrissey


"5 Steps to Creating Financial Freedom through your Renovation, Interior Design or Property Styling Business"

If you aspire to have a property business, then this book is for you. Transforming homes and building a business is possible. Home Owner or Investor, this is for you. Interior Designer, Property Stylist, this is for you. Once you learn how to create the results you're clients will expect from you, the sky's the limit!

The principles for a renovation are the same, and if you treat it like a business, this can be very profitable. In fact, once you learn the 5 steps that you need to ‘Clear out the Clutter’ you’ll realize you can use this in any field.

These 5 steps will help you build the foundations that you need to create the business you’ve been dreaming of. It’s these steps that I did to create the lifestyle I’m now living. Freedom is available to everyone. And, you can create an amazing lifestyle.

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The best way to decide if this is a career or path you'd like to take, is to connect with us and have a conversation about where you'd like to go with this.

Do you want to renovate, flip or renovate and keep?

Do you want to create a property career?

Do you want to learn exactly how I've created massive profit on both my properties, my clients and now my mentee's?

Have you failed at renovating and are now ready to get the right information, mentor and coaching to achieve your property career?

Are you a women that's a Designer, Property Stylist or Renovator that wants to create an extra stream of income?

Here's what Em, a mentee of The Renovation College said:

"... I now understand why an artist needs a muse, a business person needs a mentor, men and women need to feel worthy of
something ... I've been lost for so long, out of control looking for inspiration and guidance, the cold hard facts to shake me and get me out of this never ending hole of self doubt I keep shovelling away at!!!....I will be forever grateful for pressing the button and seeing your smiling face staring at me saying "You've got this".....
After tonight's call....I can truly say and believe..."I've got this"!!
Big Love always my amazing mentor Cathy  Morrissey xxx Em Anderson.

Watch this space because Em Anderson IS going to be a BIG name in the Renovation World! 


 Deciding you want more for you, and less for the man is going to take new knowledge, right?
Whether its freedom you dream of, the money you deserve or creating a life you want, the next steps will depend on YOU
If you want to leave a legacy for your children to show them they don't have to work hard just smart, then this is for you.
Removing your fears and chasing your dreams takes good mentors and the right knowledge.
One step. One decision. If you are stuck and you know you need to find a better way, this is your opportunity to see if Renovating Houses is a viable way for you to create a Property Business, that will help you get where you want to go, faster.  If this is what you've been looking for and your READY to be mentored, heres the first step: 20 Minute Clarity Call