About Cathy

Right now someone far less qualified than you, is living your Dreams...  All because they didn't just talk about it, they took Action"   Brad Sugars


Cathy Morrissey - The Reno Chick

Cathy Morrissey is the CEO and founder of The Reno Chick and The  Renovation College. She teaches entrepreneurial Renovators how to create Lucrative Renovation Businesses.

Cathy's first 'cosmetic renovation' home was purchased in 1996 - The Old St. David's Manse a gorgeous late 1800's house she lovingly restored. (If you're a history buff, Here's a gift for you: The Manse

This was her 'College'. And, want to know the best part? This home was sold with a 1970's cosmetically restored kitchen and the original 1950's bathroom. (Both of these were jazzed up with a bit of paint and imagination!)

In 2007, Cathy hadn't heard of anyone getting massive profits on cosmetic renovations. In fact, most people thought you had to spend a lot of money and everything had to be brand new to create a lucrative profit! But of course since those early days, things have changed and renovations are a popular thing.

Cathy is often asked questions like these..

How do you create Lucrative Renovations?

What's going to give me the most Financial Gain?

Where do I find the right houses to renovate?

What does 'targeting the right buyer' mean?

I'm not good at styling... How can I learn what is best suited for my renovated house?

 Cathy knew she had the fundamentals of a system, but now it was time to really put them in place. She started helping people in her friends property networking group and before long, the sales prices were gong through the roof. This was totally blown out of the water when she created for herself and her clients Lucrative Cosmetic Renovations, that were just ordinary homes in both the Sydney and Qld market. Now she's teaching her mentee's how to learn this process. An important piece to this puzzle is learning how to research and make money before you decide to renovate your property. 

Using a system she developed called 'The 5 Rules of Renovation', Cathy has formulated an easy to use plan to teach others how they can learn to create the life they’ve been looking for, by using renovation as a tool to create Lucrative Profits. Learn how to treat your home like a business by removing the emotion and concentrating on what creates profit. 

Cathy has been featured on programs such as channel 9, Sky News Real Estate and is a prominent figure in the online space.

This is not her first crack at online education. Cathy has created a Wedding Planning Product which her mentor, Mal Emery thought was so good, he brought that business off her.

Her intention is to expand her online programs with new and exciting ventures for women in both the property space and anyone that wants to create a business online. Intensive programs that teach Entrepreneurs how to create a business and life they love. There’s a new way to create a business you love, that will teach you how to learn to trust your judgement, use your intuition to create, focus, take action and then do the work. Creating a successful and lucrative business that’s passionate and meaningful, changes your life. 

The Renovation College has taught ordinary Aussies how to change their mindset and create financial gains.

Cathy's individual program, a 1-1 Renovation Mastermind that works closely with her mentee's to ensure their success.

The Renovation College is launched just a couple of times a year. It's affordable and you will enjoy the fast packed program and bonuses she includes.

Exclusive Look Photographic's was Cathy’s first ‘lifestyle business’. After 20 years as a successful photographer and entrepreneur, her passion to work with and support others on a higher level was too much to ignore. Her intuition led her to find mentors that could support her desire to create more, be more and have more. The Reno Chick was born and here she learnt that in the process of transforming homes, she was helping people transform their lives.

Now a Repeat Offender, Renovator and Innovator, she’s here to teach you to throw out the old way and learn the new way to having more, being more & doing more. 


“I approached Cathy to participate in her Renovation Course because I had heard a lot about Cathy's success in the renovation industry. Not only had I heard glowing reports about Cathy through word of mouth but I also witnessed Cathy's success in magazine articles in several property investment magazines.
The Renovation Course really helped me to learn which properties to purchase in order to make the greatest profit when renovating. Cathy taught me where to best spend my money when renovating a property to get maximum profit and which traps to avoid. I also learned the best types of products to use for my desired result and where I could get the best deals to save money.
As a result of completing her renovation course, I believe Cathy has provided me the tools to make a lot of money in real estate (as I have witnessed Cathy do in real time whilst we completed the course). I am very much looking forward to applying the principals that I learned in the course to my investment property and to continue to use Cathy's teachings to grow my property portfolio.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in building a successful property portfolio or anyone who is interested in making money by buying and selling property”. 

Kind Regards, Daniel Pavia.

"I would like to thank Cathy for such an outstanding job. At first I was sceptical as I have seen many people claim that they are the property guru. As an Investor and a real estate agent myself I find it hard to be impressed. Well Cathy did and she delivered on time every time. There is nothing like getting into an experienced renovator's head as it made me rethink what I thought I know.  Cathy is practical and down to earth and I have no doubt that what she has shown my wife and I will work." 

Thank Cathy for being an awesome human being now it's time to make it happen!" Jhai Mitchell. and Adriana C.(Licensed Real Estate Agent)

"Cathy, the Reno Chick worked with us to create a Blueprint that was so clear, that we commenced our Renovation immediately and had it completed in 2.5 weeks. Our Results? We gained an extra $110,000 in equity which was an $80,000 gain, with just a 30 k spend. Thank you Cathy!Cathy advised the best color's to modernise the look, to highlight what you want noticed, and to de-emphasize other areas. Cathy also advised the expected costs. Then we did what Cathy said, and a bit more. We had a time deadline of 3 weeks for the Reno (due to a financing opportunity). We pulled together a team of tradesman, posting quote requirements on the Internet - painting, plaster work, timber flooring, new internal architraves/skirts/doors, install laundry bench and sink, install sliding doors to enclose the laundry. We filled several skips, replaced rusting down pipes, cleaned up the yard, cleaned the roof and finished the laundry tiling. We pushed hard and kept the costs to Cathy's estimates. Cathy came in at the end and renovated the en-suite and helped us stage the house.
The result was a $110 k increase in value for an outlay of $30 k, and we achieved the time-frame and the financial opportunity.The key element to our success was we were prepared to do what Cathy advised, put our egos aside, and get on with it.
Chris and Karen Christoff QLD